Soft Hues With A Splash Of Color Vibes

Something about soft hues and a pop of color always seems to catch my eyes. We’re doing spring cleaning in our house this week and I couldn’t decide on a color pallet for our living room. I came across this living room inspiration over at Z Gallerie and I fell in love immediately. If you’re not familiar with Z Gallerie consider it Ashely Furniture on steroids. I’ve noticed that there’s a huge fan base for Ashley Furniture within the Somali community. I’m not trying to call anyone out but its very obvious when you go to your mom’s friend house or your sister’s friend house and they have the same over sized bulky pieces from Ashley. 

At the end of the day it all comes down to personal preferences. Let me know your thought in the comments. (P.S. If you’re interested in more home make over inspiration head over here.)

The Difference Being on a Schedule Makes

I cannot put into words how important it is to have your children on a schedule. Its simple, children respond better to consistency and thrive in an environment with stability. I'm not saying put your children on a strict schedule but aim to accomplish your daily tasks around the same time everyday.

This one is harder said than done I learned this one the hard way myself. I would spend all day running around cleaning, cooking and it seemed like nothing was getting done. I knew something had to change because I was running on empty day in and day out. At first, I was slightly hesitate on putting my kids on a schedule because I'm a stay at home mom and didn't see the point of following a set schedule. I can't begin to tell you how my life changed drastically once we started following a set routine.

My children are young so I take advantage of their nap times to prepare lunch, or clean up around the house. Lets face it, it's easier to fold clothes when your little one isn't unfolding them as you put them away. The best part about following a schedule your nights will be freed up to do what ever your heart desires. I love spending alone time with my husband kid free and clean house. No two households are the same, what might work for me might not work for you but the idea behind a schedule is to make your life easier.

How Social Media Affects Our Relationships

Are you in a marriage with your spouse or social media? A new found study shows social networking is linked to higher divorce rate and marital unhappiness. It's no secrets by now that social media is the center of our relationship problems.
For example, we all have that one friend on our news feed who feels the constant need to update everyone on how wonderful her life is based on materialistic possessions and documents every little gesture for the world to see. 

As humans it's our way of telling the world, world validate my relationship and stroke my ego. On the other side of the screen we become victims of the comparison game. The comparison game goes a little something like this so and so boyfriend or husband does this for them and you don't do that for me.

I'm here to let you in on a little secret that none of that stuff is real, it's all an illusion no one on earth has a perfect relationship they're just better at keeping their problems off social media. Live in realtime instead of focusing all your energy on your time feed. It's not real, what you have in front of you is.

Where To Find Happiness?

As somali mothers, we often times neglect ourselves and it's in our nature to put our children, husbands, and careers first. We are so busy running a households, catering to our husbands that we often times forget the importances of self love. Self love is an essential aspect of the human life and we give so much love to everyone around us that we forget to love and care for ourselves.

Love and happiness goes hand and hand you cant truly live a happy live without self love. Self love is similar to a blossoming flower if you water a flower every day it will grow to its full potential and reach heights its never reached before and vice versa neglect to take care of that flower it will ultimately lead to its demise.

Now ask yourself this question in the garden of life are you the flower that's blossoming or the flower that's withering away?

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